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|09/24/2016| – S Health for TEKXodus N7 Added! (for F/FD/T variants) – Note 7 Section

|09/24/2016| – TEKXodus Hybrid N7 URv4.4 NOW LIVE! (for T variant) – ROMS Section

|09/21/2016| – TEKXodus Hybrid N7 URv3.1 NOW LIVE! (for F/FD variants) – ROMS Section

|09/15/2016| – N7 Expansion Pack Released (v3.6 for T variant) – Discontinued

|08/27/2016| – TEKXodus Ultra Hybrid N5 ROM Update! (ERv13.7)

|08/13/2016| – TEKXnesis Ultra Hybrid S7E ROM Update! (ERv13.6)

|08/06/2016| – TEKXvirgin Stock N5 BPG1 (SM-N920C) is now available to download…

|08/06/2016| – TEKXvirgin Stock N5 DPG1 (SM-N920T) is now available to download…

Note 7 Dev

International Samsung Galaxy N7 SM-N930F (Exynos) running TEKXodus Hybrid N7!

Current version: URv3.1 (ROMS Section)


S7 Edge Dev

International Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F (Exynos) running TEKXnesis Hybrid S7E!

Current version: ERv13.6


Note 5 Dev

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T (Exynos) running TEKXodus Hybrid N5 with S7 Edge!

Current version: ERv13.7


Rooted / Deodexed

Advanced Features

Unlocked Settings

Battery Friendly


TEKXnesis S7E

TEKXnesis Hybrid S7E – The ultimate experience for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Visit the XDA Thread!


TEKXodus N5

TEKXodus Hybrid N5 – The ultimate experience for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Visit the XDA Thread!

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